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APM Project Fundamentals Podcast – Project Lifecycle

project lifecycle - APM Project Fundamentals

Why do we have a project lifecycle? Plants and animals have a lifecycle – they are born, live and die in the simplest sense so projects are the same. In this podcast we look in more detail at the project lifecycle.     We break the project into a number …

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APM Project Fundamentals Qualification – Introduction Podcast

Distance learning training course - APM Project Fundamentals

Listen to the first of the APM Project Fundamentals Podcasts from Parallel Project Training     This training course is targeted at people who want to know the basics of project management –people just starting out in their career who want to know the language and principles of project management. …

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Practical Stakeholder Engagement


As we all know the problem with good practice is it slowly slips away as we respond to time pressures and expediency and bad habits take root. We know what’s supposed to be done but settle for a comfortable second best until it’s too late.  Well, this is a New …

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Does a Project Manager Need PM Qualifications?

APM Project Fundamentals Qualification - Distance Learning Course

What makes a successful project manager is a combination of their academic abilities, experience and skills, both “soft” and “hard” skills i.e. communication skills and motivational abilities in addition to knowledge and understanding of project management techniques and tools and any technical skills that may be required in certain PM …

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Knowledge management is more than simply learning lessons


At best lessons learned are explicit knowledge.  Explicit knowledge can be readily articulated, codified, stored, accessed and transmitted to others. The process of transforming the ‘lessons’ recorded by a project team into explicit knowledge requires: The lesson to be recorded by the team. Ideally this is a contemporaneous process designed …

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There’s a reason why U N I are at the heart of communicate


Few things kill a project quicker than ineffective or over complicated communication. At the heart of it, when you communicate – what’s important? Have you ever really thought about it? Actually, in the interests of clarity – take my question literally. Focus on the heart of the word ‘communicate’ … …

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Stakeholder engagement by any other name


The chances are you organisation is already focusing on ‘stakeholder engagement’ but is using another name for the activity.  From an organisational perspective stakeholder engagement is a means to achieving outcomes that are increasingly being seen as being commercially desirable or necessary to comply with various rules and regulations. Some …

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The PMO Conference in London – 8th June 2016


The PMO Conference returns for a second year following a sell out success in 2015. The conference takes on Wednesday 8th June 2016 at the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) at Portland Place near London’s Oxford Street and Regents Park. This year’s PMO Conference features 4 streams and 22 …

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7 reasons IT Project Managers must be more innovative

Project Managers as innovators

As the New Year started I wrote a handful of blogs about challenges faced by Project Managers and how we are better equipped than ever to face them now. However, after I asked, “How many PMs work in a tangibly different way in the New Year to how they did …

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Praxis launches free capability maturity tool


Capability maturity assessments are often done once or twice a year to check on how an organisation is performing and hopefully to improve project and programmes delivery . But between assessments, organisations can suffer a loss of focus on the things that need to be done to make project and programme delivery more …

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NEWSPEAK – is not all that new!


Last year I went along to see Headlong’s stage adaptation of George Orwell’s masterpiece ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’ (at the Melbourne Festival); which started me thinking………. The way words shape people’s thinking can be very powerful. This power can be used for both good and bad and is an important element in …

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Latest Project Management Salaries and Rates

Project Management Benchmark Report from Arras People

Arras People, the project management recruitment and career specialists release the latest annual report on the UK and Global Programme and Project Management domain. The report polled over 2,100 permanent and contract Programme and Project Management professionals during December 2015 and January 2016. The Project Management Benchmark Report (PMBR) 2016 …

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Project Challenge Opens 22nd and 23rd March 2016

Project Challenge

Project Challenge returns to Birmingham this Spring on the 22nd and 23rd March 2016. This free event for project managers, programme managers, PMO and planners is held once again at the National Conference Centre. Registration is now open for people wishing to visit for one or both days via the …

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