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Rewarding your team


In The Power of Happiness, I suggested a ‘happy team’ was more likely to be an outcome of a motivated team, than something you can work to achieve in isolation. This post looks at some of the key elements a leader can use to develop a motivated and committed team …

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Practical Stakeholder Engagement


As we all know the problem with good practice is it slowly slips away as we respond to time pressures and expediency and bad habits take root. We know what’s supposed to be done but settle for a comfortable second best until it’s too late.  Well, this is a New …

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NEWSPEAK – is not all that new!


Last year I went along to see Headlong’s stage adaptation of George Orwell’s masterpiece ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’ (at the Melbourne Festival); which started me thinking………. The way words shape people’s thinking can be very powerful. This power can be used for both good and bad and is an important element in …

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Stakeholders – from confrontation to engagement


Project stakeholders can be helpful, obstructionist and almost anything in between – but for most stakeholders, how you deal with this is largely up to you! The only certainty is your stakeholders are not about to go away and ‘leave you in peace’…… There are three basic ways to deal …

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Stakeholders expect good governance


Stakeholders are becoming increasingly vocal in their demands for ‘good governance’.  The rise of stakeholder activism (remembering shareholders are stakeholders) is increasingly affecting the way organisations of all types are governed and managed, and this will in turn affect the way projects are initiated and managed, with consequences affecting your …

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DevOps | The biggest challenge for the multisourcing sector in the next 24 months is also its biggest opportunity for growth.


I believe that this is the biggest challenge for the multisourcing sector in the next 24 months but also its biggest opportunity for growth and a real opportunity to showcase what it does best – delivering results faster, cheaper and better. Gartner says that by 2016, DevOps will evolve from …

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Who values value?


Projects and programs are undertaken to enable an organisation to achieve part of its strategy, usually by creating new or better ways of working.  The fundamental reason any organisation chooses to undergo this type of change in its operations is to realise or create ‘value’ for some or all of …

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Everyone is talking about change

The Model for Sustainable Change - Figure 2: The change life cycle framework.
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In my post Creating Value from Change I looked at the difference between project change control and organisational change management: Project change control is described in the PMBOK® Guide and focused on managing changes to the projects deliverables to meet the requirements of stakeholders. The process is controlled by the …

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Balancing The IT Project Management Skills You Need With The Talent & The Resources You Have – Is PMaaS The Silver Bullet?

not enough time

“To achieve success in all the projects that my Project Management Office is handling I need either an extra twenty staff or an extra twenty hours in the week.” Sound vaguely familiar? Not enough hands on deck, not enough time…? Perhaps you find that your Project Management capabilities are lacking? …

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