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Advantages of PMP Certification

PMP Certification

PMP Certification is one of the widely recognised project management qualifications around the world. The qualification comes from the Project Management Institute in the USA. It is designed to demonstrate the competence of project managers in all sectors including IT, defence, pharmaceutical and construction to name a few. The PMP is widely recognised around the world especially in the …

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PMOs as profit centres


In the midst of recession and poor economic outlook, companies always endeavour to control costs, whilst revenues remain flat. Unsurprisingly, support departments are one of the first casualties of the CFO’s cost rationalization drive. During this mayhem, PMOs struggle to evade the cost cutting knife and are forced to cut …

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The Journey In To Owning A Business; Starting A Small Enterprise

Plant in hand on white background

For many of us there comes a day when we toy with the thought of starting a small business; work stress and pissed off profession objectives can typically go away us thirsting for autonomy and starting a small enterprise seems to suit the bill. But for many who are thinking …

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Project Management Tools For Project Managers


A well done project management is one of the keys to a projects success. Pretty sure every one of us manages projects using some kind of tools. But the right project management tool does not replace the knowledge and experience of a project manager. It only helps him in the …

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What Is the Importance of Software Testing?

Analysis Diagram

Software testing is very similar in concept to stress testing. Stress testing is the test conducted to understand the reliability and the performance eon the object/material or machine under extreme pressure. After being subjected to above normal capacity, or a breaking point, the changes and the results are noted. In …

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How To Regain Control Of Your Project


It is well known that projects with any level of complexity are highly likely to exceed their budget or deadline. But if your project is heading in that direction, what is the best way to get it back on track? A project that is out of control, either in respect …

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